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The Internet of Things (IoT) implies the network of devices which include the sensors, actuators and embedded computers. These devices communicate with each other, operate partially autonomous and shall assist the people. This is possible by progressive miniaturizing of electronic components and fast, broadband & easily operable communication channels.Digitalizing the products is the preliminary step. The leveraging added value arises from linking the digitalized products and the new business models which results from that. These include strong individualization of production to batch size 1, the quality management that is essential for this, product configurations that are appropriate & varying in life cycle and condition-based maintenance of machines & equipment.

Webinar on IoT

This info-webinar highlights how ANSYS solutions help companies to utilize the opportunities resulting from developing the smart IoT-suitable products. For many companies the IoT represents a new challenge because new technologies are becoming essential and the developers must recognize new tasks. Simulation offers excellent opportunities to master these new challenges while the contexts are made comprehensible; the behavior of individual components is examined in an installation situation or the system behavior is characterized. This takes place in a very early project phase in which it deals with selecting the components and setting up the challenges or the Proof-of- Concept.


It highlights the application of simulation especially in the following areas:

  • Sensor placement
  • Actuators and their control
  • High-Speed data transfer
  • Antenna placement 


Understand and optimize antenna technology, EMV, signal & power integrity

The use of numerical simulation always plays an extremely important role in developing the antennae and electronic assemblies to guarantee the signal integrity and functionality in highly interlinked operating conditions.


Early and reproducible products

Simulations allow the developer to compare multiple design variants with each other in a very early development phase aiming the objectives and reproducibility. Especially with continuously increasing demands for space, EMV, performance and reliability new ways are apparent through simulation applications.


ANSYS Simulation tools

The growing computer performance and the intuitive operability of modern software packages such as the solutions developed especially for HF and Electronic applications, ANSYS HFSS and ANSYS SIwave makes it possible to get digitalization and networking under control. They make the advantages of simulation accessible to wider range of users and provide highly challenging optimization tasks.

We make you fit for IoT. Compute for yourself.

Haven’t you ever simulated - or just occasionally? You simulate, but not with ANSYS? Or you use ANSYS already, now would you like to work in a new physical simulation of electronics or mechatronics systems?

In the framework of free Open House-series of events you can simulate for yourself under individual guidance of personal Tutor, we recommend you the following application examples:

  • Electromagnetic verification of PCB layouts
  • Tuning the mechatronic systems

For further information on these series of events and the respective contents you shall find examples under No. 15 and No.12

Video: The Internet of Things

In this short 3 min video ANSYS, Inc. portrays very compactly the Internet of Things, the engineering challenges and the opportunities through an integrated simulation solution:Improvement of communication and networking, development of electronic components, energy management, integration of sensors & embedded software and consideration of challenging operating conditions based on virtual prototypes for the entire networked system.

White Paper: Engineering the IoT.

In our daily life we use more and more networked products. New innovative products emerge almost every day and prominent products improve by integrating new smart functions. These developments evolve with the promise to mold our life healthier, safer and more efficient as we use innovative, competitive and economic solutions. The Internet of Things, IoT, which has great potential, simultaneously sets new challenges to engineers who develop the appropriate products.In this white paper the most important challenges are identified and platform solution is characterized which can help you in developing the best possible IoT-products.


Engineering the Internet of Things White Paper

Study of the Aberdeen Group

The study of the Aberdeen Group for developing the products of Internet of Things shows how important new products for sales and earnings are and few challenges exist with the increasing complexity. The success factors of top 20% successful companies are highlighted and based on different metrics it is shown how the use of simulation tools enhance the competitiveness and can improve the entrepreneurial success. In a further step usage scenarios for simulation are highlighted: from design via component design and system design till experiment, for production and operation of products as part of networked systems.


Why Engineering Simulation is Critical to Your Smart Products Success in the Internet of Things

Your start in the world of simulation

Your start in the world of simulation

  • Introduce simulation safely
  • 4 steps to be operational
  • Accompaniment throughout the process


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