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Nomatter if you are a CAE Expert, Construction Engineer, Student or Lecturer, CADFEM’s array of events will benefit you right from a range of practical relevance and sustainable learning, ensuring absolute success even to beginners in the field of simulation

Ansys Learning Hub

An annual subscription to the Learning Hub gives you the training resources you need to tackle current projects and development opportunities to enhance your skills in the future. Gain unlimited access to a wealth of resources

Hover your cursor to pull the recordings of previous webinars & gain the valuable information you missed the first time around. Our versatile events, webinars & conference will address the challenges, that most of the organizations & businesses today are struggling to optimize. At CADFEM India We shorten your road to success with Engineering Simulation Solutions.


CAE Engineers from different domains share their experiences on latest features and their findings in a blog subscribe the series to learn more about ANSYS Features and techniques.


ANSYS Discovery is the simulation software for designers and developers. From the inception of an idea to the detailed design, ANSYS Discovery is ideal for the moments when more than one design option is on the table and reliable answers are needed without delay. ANSYS Discovery is closely connected to the CAD world as it is intuitive, reliable and incredibly fast.

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