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Design Exploration for Every Engineer

With Ansys Discovery, you can explore ideas, iterate and innovate with unprecedented speed. But don’t take our word: Experience the flexibility and real-time insights firsthand with a 30-day free trial.

See how Discovery can accelerate your design process. You’ll explore more design possibilities more quickly and have confidence in your Ansys technology-backed results.

We also have confidence — confidence that Discovery will help you get to the game-changing design you’ve been waiting for.

Feedback in Real Time

At the very moment you change your design, you can see what’s happening physically in and around your product – live and direct. That not only stokes creativity and curiosity, but also eliminates idle speculation and the need to wait for third parties.

Validate with precision

Verify your designs independent of the physical discipline. With an intuitive application and basing on the proven ANSYS solver technologies highest simulation accuracy is ensured – regardless of your task.

The digital path to the best design

Concepts have to be imagined and the best viable variant shall be filtered out of a multitude of options within the blink of an eye. This is where ANSYS Discovery comes into play. Throughout the entire development process, product ideas can be sketched, modeled, changed, played through, compared and reliably validated for acceptance without delay.

Simulation for every engineer

It has never been so easy to explain and discuss design ideas. Whether geometry modification, idea generation or design validation, the intuitive and consistent handling of ANSYS Discovery lets you concentrate on your development task again.

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