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ANSYS 2020 R1 - Simulation Everywhere

ANSYS 2020 R1 release updates: Simulation Everywhere

ANSYS 2020 R1 was released on 28th January 2020. Here is an overview of CADFEM on this new release.   The latest version of ANSYS, i.e. ANSYS 2020 R1, brings you a wide range of innovations and advanced developments across the entire ANSYS platform and its program family. The CADFEM team has already worked on the new innovations of ANSYS 2020 R1 and gained experiences. We offer you a brief detail on this page, covering each domain, along with the tips and tricks for practical use.

Some Key Highlights of ANSYS 2020 R1 updates:

Facing increasing demands to streamline product development life cycles and boost product performance, engineering teams in all industries require the most advanced simulation technology. For optimal performance, simulation solvers must operate seamlessly across all physics and among all members of an engineering team.

ANSYS 2020 R1 continues to integrate simulation throughout product life cycles, from ideation to virtual testing to operation, with ANSYS Minerva. This cutting-edge platform spurs collaboration within global engineering teams and increases data sharing to innovate product designs and slash development costs.

Minerva enables unprecedented access to the broadest selection of the most accurate, physics-based simulation software in the world. ANSYS 2020 R1 introduces many trailblazing enhancements to these technologies, driving unrivaled engineering productivity.

ANSYS 2020 R1 includes enhancements to ANSYS Mechanical to help engineers design complex, highly nonlinear and extremely large models. This release also features a greatly simplified workflow in ANSYS Fluent, so even novice engineers can execute complex multiphase simulations quickly and easily. Other portfolio upgrades include dynamic new tools for ANSYS HFSS SBR+ and ANSYS Maxwell that substantially improve processes for electronic/electromagnetic design.



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