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CADFEM SEA with its rich experience organizes a variety of Webinars, Events & Technology Conferences. These events will give you a chance to upgrade your skills.

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Don’t worry !! In case if you miss any of our previous webinars, We have saved the previous webinar recordings to satisfy your needs. Just navigate to our resource library and submit your request to pick the choice of yours. Please navigate to the top of the page to find the resource library. 

DateTOPICTimeIndustryLocationEvent Type

Solid Composite Modeling
14:00 (SGT)MBUOnlineWebinar

Parametric Design of Composite Structures
14:00 (SGT)MBUOnlineWebinar
4 August 2020ANSYS Multiphysics Campus Solutions: Electromagnetics14:00 (SGT)AcademiaOnlineWebinar
5 August 2020Simulating Pipe Wall Erosion using the Discrete Phase Model14:00 (SGT)FBUOnlineWebinar
6 August 2020Ansys Academic Multiphysics Campus Solutions Series: CFD14:00 (SGT)AcademiaOnlineWebinar

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