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Engine numerical simulation

CADFEM, founded in 1985, is a pioneer of digital simulation. With over 185 employees in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Tunisia, CADFEM is among the largest providers in the industry.

CADFEM specializes in the calculation Finite Element (FEM) and distributes since its inception calculation software ANSYS Inc., the largest independent publisher of simulation software in the world. We are the center of competence of the official GEF ANSYS products in Central Europe and employ more than 120 specialists in the field.

The software alone is not enough to guarantee the success of a simulation. Therefore CADFEM has become over the years not only a major software supplier but also an engineering office in expanded expertise and training center in the richly supplied program. By combining our products, our services, and our expertise, we are able to offer a customized solution of high quality to our customers.


ANSYS Channel Partner

Since its inception in 1985, our company is preferred distributor of ANSYS. ANSYS Inc. is the largest independent global provider for simulation software. As one of the world wide five ANSYS Channel Partner we distribute all ANSYS software products and provide support to users of ANSYS to address all their questions concerning simulation. The CADFEM team is composed of 130 ANSYS specialist engineers.

Since the mid 80s, we offer solutions for ANSYS in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Tunisia and contribute to the successful usage of ANSYS software in enterprises, research centers and schools. In addition, we work closely with ANSYS concerning enhancement requests of our customers which is taken into account by developers of ANSYS.

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