WEBINARNumerical Analysis of Electric Motor Noise




Date: 25th September, 2019

Time: 5:00 PM (SGT)

Electrical Drives become increasingly present in our daily life. While performance parameters and costs dominated development targets in past decades low noise generation is an important factor for offering competitive products today.

In this Webinar we’ll show finite element methods and tools for computing the vibrations and radiated noise of electric motor designs caused by their internal magnetic interaction between rotor and stator. The basic numerical workflow will also be outlined and some modelling aspects for high-quality acoustic results will be addressed.

Who should attend?

  • Electromagnetic experts designing electrical motors
  • Mechanical engineers involved in analysis of vibrations and noise of electrical drives
  • Engineers generally interested in NVH-analysis

You’ll get an overview of ANSYS tools used for Simulation of Noise Computations including the CADFEM ANSYS Extension “Electric Drive Acoustics inside ANSYS”.

Topics Covered:

  1. Magnetic gap forces of E-motors as source of noise
  2. Numerical methods for noise computation
    • ANSYS Electric Motor NVH workflow (Maxwell-Mechanical direct coupling)
    • Electric Drive Acoustics inside ANSYS (CADFEM ANSYS Extension)
  3. Specifics of synchronous and induction motors
  4. E-motor modelling aspects for structural dynamics
  5. Structure-borne sound and air-borne acoustics



Dr. Jürgen Wibbeler


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