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ANSYS simulation software offers leading technical solutions for a vast range of CAE applicatons. As ANSYS Certified Channel Partner, CADFEM distributes the full range of ANSYS products.

ROCKY provides model creation with an almost unlimited number of particles of various sizes, shapes, and adhesion strengths. This can be used as a basis for simulating mixing, pouring, sliding, and flowing processes and analyzing and optimizing the effects on their environment.

The ANSYS Discovery products from the 3D Design family are used in the earliest development phase. From a quick design check to a detailed look at a design. Simulation for every developer.

These additional modules add functionality to ANSYS: e.g. certificates (FKM standards, VDI 2230), interfaces to other software, and data compression.The CADFEM ANSYS extensions are engineering tools developed for ANSYS by CADFEM and partners. When integrated into the ANSYS Workbench.

Motor-CAD is a software package for the design of electric motors and generators. Motor-CAD EMag, Motor-CAD Therm and Motor-CAD Lab are available to take into account the electromagnetic performance and cooling already in the design phase

We cover special requirements with ANSYS complementary products like LS-DYNA and Diffpack. Combined with these solutions, the benefits of ANSYS can be selectively increased.

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