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Complementary software to ANSYS

No other CAE software offers such a wide range of applications as ANSYS. In addition, the areas of application can be specifically expanded by combining them with additional products. Complementary software solutions cover specific niches as well as applications that increase the understanding of design in addition to safety and comfort.

Below we present the software products LS-DYNA and Diffpack and show exemplary applications. In addition, CADFEM ANSYS Extensions offers further engineering tools integrated directly into ANSYS, as well as customized software customization and the development of company-specific components .


LS-DYNA from Livermore Software Technology Corp. (LSTC) is a leading specialized software for the transient simulation of mechanical, highly nonlinear phenomena such as crash and forming processes. LS-DYNA has been marketed and supported by CADFEM since 1989.


Our partner TESIS DYNAware provides cutting-edge technology solutions for vehicle simulation. In particular, CADFEM handles two of their specialty solutions for vehicle dynamics and engine dynamics

  • veDYNA: Real-Time Simulation of Vehicle Dynamics
  • enDYNA: Real-time Simulation of Combustion Engines


optiSLang provides systematic variation of all relevant influence factors. As a result, physical relationships are made understandable and the path to optimized, more reliable products is paved. When integrated into ANSYS, optiSLang is used with the CADFEM ANSYS extension optiSLang inside ANSYS.


Diffpack offers an object-oriented development environment for solving partial differential equations, for example for modeling chemical and optical characteristics. Diffpack can be combined with the mechanical, fluid mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic analyses from ANSYS.

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