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Simulation on demand for FOBOHA (Switzerland) AG

Case study: Thermal Simulation of an injection mold tool

Simulation on demand for Luwa Air Engineering

Rotordynamic and strength assessment (FKM) using CADFEM ihf Toolbox


Simulation of the drying process of a body in white

Thermo-Mechanical Analysis using CADFEM ANSYS Extensions

Simulation of Engine Acoustics with High Performance Computing

HPC für Acoustic Simulation with ANYSY Workbench


Simulating complex physical phenomenons for ITER

Magnetic and Structural Analysis with ANSYS

Buckling Analysis of Aircraft Fuselage Panels

Automated Modeling using CADFEM ANSYS Extensions

Transient Door Slam Analysis with ANSYS Workbench

Component Mode Synthesis (CMS) for Large Models

Simulation of Cooling of an Electronic Control Unit

Simulation of Temperature and flow with ANSYS

Simulation of optical components for a Large Telescope

Sensitivity analysis of flexure and frequencies for parameter configurations

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