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Wished to change the way your business works currently? We transform it for you with the implementation of Engineering Simulations in your process

Hover your cursor to pull the recordings of previous webinars & gain the valuable information you missed the first time around. Our versatile events, webinars & conference will address the challenges, that most of the organizations & businesses today are struggling to optimize. At CADFEM India We shorten your road to success with Engineering Simulation Solutions.

Designing and Optimising Street light lenses with ANSYS SPEOSOptisAnkushWebinar
Handling Elastomers effectivelyKnowledge SharingKarthikWebinar
Turbomachinery topology optimization based on flow characterizationFBUMangeshWebinar
Fast and Accurate Multibody Dynamics Simulation - ANSYS MotionMBUVineeshWebinar
Computational Modelling for Drug Substance & Product ProcessingHealthcare & PharmaSanthoshWebinar
Anytime, Anywhere: Simulation with ANSYS in cloudCloudBharatWebinar
Consistant Material Data for Simulation - Granta MDSMBUAslamWebinar
10 updates for easy and fast simulation in ANSYSKnowledge SharingGokulWebinar
Quick Multi-Physics Design & analysis of Electrical Rotating Machines using ANSYS Motor-CAD EBUHaraWebinar
Simulation Advantage for Green Architecture DevelopmentFBUJun yi leeWebinar
Next generation Smart Antenna SystemEBUSafalWebinar
Comprehensive insight and enhancement of your Structural Simulation ThroughputITSwaroopWebinar
Optimal material Selection - Granta SelectorMBUGokulWebinar
Realizing RF & Microwave components using EM SimulationsEBUSatyaWebinar
Electro-Thermo-Mechanical reliability of a PCBEBUSafalWebinar
Robust Modeling of Combustion and General Reaction ChemistryFBUIshanWebinar
Ansys Discovery - Simulation for Every EngineerDBUShaktivelWebinar
Signal & Power Integrity of a PCB using ANSYSEBUSafalWebinar
Developing Lightweighting Composites using ANSYS MechanicalMBUMadhukarWebinar
Understanding and optimizing Designs-OptiSLangMBUKarthikWebinar
CFD for special purpose valves and pumps in the process industryFBUSanthoshWebinar
Geomtry Preparation and Meshing in SpaceClaimMBUAslamWebinar
Virtual Prototyping of Mining Operations using Discrete Element Method​MiningIshanWebinar
User Equipment for RF Certification/ Human RF Device Interaction and EMI/EMC CertificationEBUSafalWebinar
Applying Simulations to Investigate Respiratory Drug DeliveryHealthcare & PharmaSanthoshWebinar
Product Safety and Integrity for Abusive Conditions using LS-DYNAMBUKarthikWebinar
Predicting the Radiated Emissions of Automotive Systems According to CISPR 25EBUSatyaWebinar
How to Assess and Prevent Faituge FailureMBUAbhishekWebinar
ElEctromagnetic Modelling & analysis of Power & Distribution Transforms using ANSYSEBUHaraWebinar
Advanced Radiation ModelingKnowledge SharingMangeshWebinar
Comprehensive insight and enhancement of your CFD Simulation ThroughputITSwaroopWebinar
Phased Array antenna for 5G applicationsEBUSatyaWebinar
Thermal management of Electronics with ANSYS IcepakEBUJun yi leeWebinar
Computational Modeling for Battery, Battery Pack and ModulesFBUIshanWebinar
Development of originator biologics and biosimilars based on Engineering SimulationsHealthcare & PharmaSanthoshWebinar
PCB Reliability Analysis with AnsysMBUSravanWebinar
FKM Inside ANSYSCADFEM ANSYS ExtnThomas Ebbecke Webinar
RF energy harvesting technology for wireless chargingEBUSafalWebinar
7 Tips for Effective Contact CalculationsKnowledge SharingVineeshWebinar
Electromagnetic Modelling & Analysis of Actuators & SolenoidsEBUHaraWebinar
Comprehensive Heat Transfer Modeling for Electronic ApplicationsFBUMangeshWebinar
Deploying CFD to Train Reduced Order ModelsKnowledge SharingSanthoshWebinar
Bolt Assessment inside ANSYSCADFEM ANSYS ExtnVincent Constantin Webinar
Innovative and Efficient Way of Designing - Topology OptimizationKnowledge SharingAbhishekWebinar
Virtual Prototyping to Realize Patient specific Implants and StentsHealthcare & PharmaKarthikWebinar
Magnetic Induction and Magnetic Resonance Technologies for Wireless ChargingEBUHaraWebinar
Resolving the Geometry Problems Faster - ANSYS SpaceClaimDBUSravanWebinar
ANSYS in Academic Research & TeachingAcademiaShakthivelWebinar
Tips to Debug ConvergenceKnowledge SharingKarthikWebinar
ANSYS Learning Hub: Knowledge Enhancement at your Finger TipsKnowledge Sharing BharatWebinar
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Devised to Comfort Breathing in the Covid-19 AdversityHealthcare & PharmaSanthoshWebinar
Simulating Hospital Equipment for Structural Integrity and Patient ErgonomicsHealthcare & PharmaKarthikWebinar
Materials Education using ANSYS GRANTA EduPackAcademiaShakthivelWebinar
CFD-DEM Coupled Simulation for Oil and Gas IndustryOil&GasIshanWebinar
Summer School-Engineering Simulation with ANSYSAcademiaBharatWebinar
Charging Medical Electronics with Simulations, to Deliver Patient Safety and Device EfficacyHealthcare & PharmaSatyaWebinar
Quick and Easy Geometry Preparation and CFD Simulation for Building HVAC ApplicationsFBUJun Yi LeeWebinar
ANSYS Academic Multi-physics Campus Solutions-Structural MechanicsAcademiaShakthivelWebinar
Simulation for the Insight of Flow, Thermal & Structural Integrity for Valves
Introduction to Composite Modeling with ANSYS Composite PrepPost
Fatigue Simulation with ANSYS Mechanical
Failure Analysis of Composite Structures
Next Generation Design with ANSYS Topology OptimizationAcademiaShaktivelWebinar
Summer School - FoundationAcademiaCADFEM ExpertsWebinar
Summer School - AdvancedAcademiaCADFEM ExpertsWebinar
Summer School - Simulation based Product Development - Electromagnetic CourseAcademiaCADFEM ExpertsSummer School
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