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With CADFEM, unleashing the power of simulation couldn't be easier. In four simple steps, we completely guide you in developing a customized solution that meets your requirements. And we coach and support you until you have successfully mastered your first project.

We will use the technical expertise of more than 120 CADFEM engineers to ensure your success. During day-to-day business, we help you with questions about software operation or assessment and evaluation of your FEM models and workflows. This saves you time and your results.

We advise, carry out concept analyzes, development-accompanying simulations and verifications. In addition to the engineering results, you will also receive ready-made calculation models and documented solutions.

With CADFEM solutions, company-wide standard workflows can be established so that even non-FEM experts master routine tasks. In addition, we develop individual functional extensions and vertical applications.

The eCADFEM solution allows a very flexible use of ANSYS software via a usage credit system. eCADFEM has already convinced more than 1,400 customers.

ROCKY provides model creation with an almost unlimited number of particles of various sizes, shapes, and adhesion strengths. This can be used as a basis for simulating mixing, pouring, sliding, and flowing processes and analyzing and optimizing the effects on their environment.

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