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CADFEM Services for CAE data centers

Benefit from our experience in designing and implementing CAE optimized data centers. We help you with seamless IT service, from planning to installing, to backing up ongoing operations.

We implement and support your IT solutions either at your site or in one of our ultra-modern data centers with the highest safety standards. In addition, we install, configure, and maintain your system and are there for you with our hardware support.

As part of service level agreements (SLAs), we guarantee the availability and performance of your CAE data center. You thus have the opportunity to reliably use powerful technology and at the same time lighten the load on your IT department.

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Services in IT Management

High-performance IT systems are necessary in order to exploit the potential for simulation - such as, with parallel computing. Hundreds of CPUs and TB-size working memory make it possible for data centers to quickly become complex models. In addition to the actual operating system, there are many other aspects that play a role when designing the optimal working environment.

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Hardware and IT Solutions

Unzip, activate, calculate – in addition to services for the entire data center, CADFEM also provides immediately usable hardware and IT solutions that are also designed for the special requirements of simulation technology. The CAE optimized system guarantees fast and reliable calculations, even for detailed models.

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