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Customized Solutions

As a veteran in the business of simulation based engineering, we act proactive in understanding your simulation requirements. We leverage our extensive experience in the field to provide a customized solution. A meticulous verification and evaluation of the simulation results, displays our forte. Simulation results are shared with the clients in the form of detailed project reports that include resourceful interpretations. Surpassing the role of a mere consultant, we partner with synergy to add value to your product development process.

A team of highly experienced simulation engineers can assist you in the best possible way. Be it the simulation of a simple loading case, particle accelerator or a waste treatment facility, we’ve the right expertise to meet your needs. CADFEM offers its extensive expertise, to compensate your staff shortage, to get along with a crunch of hardware resources, to let you explore new areas of simulation or to cross validate your results of simulation.

We can also work with you right from the scratch of a product development process and scale you up towards establishing the right standards for your product quality.

Furthermore, we also offer our services to give your team the in house expertise once we finish a project, which is actually outsourced from your organization. Knowledge transmission in the interests of clients has been our specialty to lead them towards advanced ventures. Subjected to special agreements, we can in addition share with you the result files, the simulation approaches used and any scripts employed in running the simulations

Exemplary cases of simulation by request

Many things are made possible through the simulation. Among the thousands of simulation projects that were mandated to us, we present below four case studies that we have done. You will find other references projects in our project database (Ger and Eng).

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