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Simulation based product development - Electromagnetics course

Course Description: This course focuses to impart basic knowledge in the field of Electromagnetic Simulation, covering concepts in both Low-Frequency and High frequency Electromagnetics. Students will learn how to design Motors and Antennas using the Ansys applications (Motor-CAD, Maxwell, HFSS), with the emphasis on the complete design workflow (pre-processing, solver settings and post-processing). This course is suitable for undergraduate students from Electrical and Electronics Engineering department.

Duration:  28th – 30th JULY 2020 

Time Span: 3:00- 5:00 pm SGT (120 mins per session)

  • Introduction to Low frequency Electromagnetics.
  • ANSYS Electromagnetic solutions: Motor-CAD & Maxwell.
  • Live demo: Multiphysics analysis at design phase of Motor using ANSYS Motor-CAD.
  • Live Demo: High fidelity FEA based Electromagnetic solution using RMxprt /Maxwell.
  • Includes Demonstrations, Assignments and Q &A.
  • Introduction to High frequency Electromagnetics & RF Basics: S-parameters.
  • Introduction to HFSS, Design Setup & Post Processing.
  • Live Demo: Analysis of a Dual Polarized Probe Fed Patch Antenna: S-Parameters post-processing and evaluation of the solved fields.
  • Includes Demonstrations, Assignments and Q &A.
  • Next generation 5G Smart Antenna System.
  • 5G Antenna design workflow.
  • 5G Antenna Post-Processing & Results Evaluation.
  • Live Demo: Design and Simulation of next generation 5G 28 GHz Phased Array Antenna.
  • Includes Demonstrations, Assignments and Q &A.
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