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WEBINAR: Metallic and Organic nano-particles for Bio-sensing and Therapeutics

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Date: 23rd September, 2020

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM SGT 

Venue: Online

Nano particle plasmonics is a rapidly emerging research field that deal with the fabrication and optical characterization of noble metal nano-particles of various size, shape, Structure and tunable plasmon resonances over VIS-NIR Spectrum band.

Computer Simulations has been extensively used to predict the optical behavior of nano particles and understand their electromagnetic’s. One of the simplest of the nominally exact methods is the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method, in which a clever finite differencing algorithm developed by Yee is applied to Maxwell’s equation, using grid for the electric filed E and magnetic field H, which are shifted by half a grid spacing relative to each other.

In this webinar, we will learn about Optical behavior of Nano particles such as Enhanced Ramon Spectroscopy, localized surface plasmon resonance and Mile scattering. We will also see how these properties can be used for bio-sensing and therapeutics applications.

Topics to be covered

  • Learn the theory behind Nano Particle Optical behaviors such as SERS, LSPR etc.,
  • Understand why FDTD needed for such Simulations?
  • What are Optical Biosensors?
  • Demonstration of how ANSYS Lumerical can be used in simulating metallic and organic Nano particles for bio-sensing applications.


  • Nano Particles have shown tremendous potentials to impact the broad field of biological Sensing. Nano materials with extremely small sizes and appropriate surface modifications, allow intimate interaction with target bio molecules.
  • In this webinar, we will see how electromagnetic Simulations using Maxwell’s Equation and FDTD approach can benefit in modelling the nano structure and obtaining the resonance wavelength.

Who Should Attend?

  • Research Scholars.
  • Scientists
  • R&D Head of the Department.


Mr. Ankush Sharma

Application Engineer at CADFEM India

Mr. Ankush Sharma is an Application Engineer in the domain of photonic designing and Simulation. He has done his Masters in Photonics and has previously worked on development and simulation of Micro resonators for Biosensing application.

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