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WEBINAR: Power integrity, Signal integrity and EMI Analysis with SIWave

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Product Integrity of a PCB

Date:  2nd December, 2020

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM SGT 

Venue: Online

Every few years, a new electronic invention changes our lives. These devices and services rely on powerful data centers, which demand robust chips as well as high-speed interconnects and input/output (I/O). Accordingly, the printed circuit boards (PCBs) must be powerful and well-designed to provide quality solutions for power integrity and signal integrity. Additionally, all connectors and electrical and optical cables connected to the PCB must provide a reliable environment for high-speed digital signals. To keep pace with big data and the Internet of Things, PCB/chip speed and reliability are paramount. To meet aggressive specifications, engineering teams need accurate simulations to validate and improve designs before they are taped out — and well before prototyping.

Product Integrity of a PCB
Product Integrity of a PCB


Simulation software gives engineers the ability to do amazing things. However, having that capability may require a significant outlay of funds for both software and necessary engineer training. This raises the question: Is simulation software worth the increased non-recurring engineering cost? Electrical simulation software gives designers all the tools needed to successfully design complex products the first time, every time. Use the ANSYS EM solver for modeling because of its accuracy and reliability. An organization can use a variety of factors — including competition, price, profit margin, design constraints and system intricacies — to determine if simulation software is the right choice.

Who Should Attend?

  • CXO, HOD Executives from Design and Engineering units.
  • Technologists from R&D, Verification and manufacturing teams.
  • Simulation Engineers (RF, PCB, High Speed Design).
  • Design Engineers (High Speed, PCB Layout, Electronics Assemblies and PCB Antenna).
  • Research Scholars working on New Product Development.


Mr. Safal Sharma

Application Engineer at CADFEM India

Mr. Safal Sharma has in-depth hands-on expertise in RF/Microwave test Instruments like Vector Network Analyzer, Signal Generator, Spectrum/Signal Analyzer, DSO, EMI/EMC Pre-compliance Tester. Deep insight knowledge on Wireless technologies / systems such as GSM, CDMA (WCDMA), LTE, LTE-A, 5G, RADAR, MIMO Phased Array Beamforming & Other communication systems

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