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Thermal Management of Electronics with Ansys Icepak

WEBINAR: Thermal Management of Electronics with Ansys Icepak

Date: 12th May, Tuesday

Time: 2:00 PM–3:00 PM SGT

Venue: Online

“From individual integrated circuits to packages and printed circuit boards, up to computer housings and entire data centers, the thermal performance can be predicted through simulation with Ansys Icepak. Ansys Icepak can be used to perform conduction, convection and radiation conjugate heat transfer analyses specifically catered for the electronics industry, from chip-level to system-level simulation. Vast libraries in Ansys Icepak include data for materials, heat sinks, thermal interface materials, filters, packages, and manufacturers’ fan and blower data.”


  • Learn how simulation helps to validate designs
  • Gain an overview of CFD
  • Insight into performing electronics cooling simulations
  • Understand Ansys and CADFEM solutions

Thermal Management of Electronics with Ansys Icepak
Thermal Management of Electronics with Ansys Icepak

Topics to be covered

  • Introduction to Simulation
  • Basic concepts of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 
  • Predicting Thermal Performance with Ansys Icepak
  • Electronics Assembly Cooling Application
  • Complete Multi-Physics Solutions by Ansys

Who Should Attend?

  • R&D Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Product Engineers
  • Testing Engineers

About Speaker:

Mr. Lee Jun Yi

Dr. Lee is working as an Application Engineer at CADFEM SEA Pte Ltd, specialising in fluid flow and heat transfer.

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