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Healthcare Webcast Series

WEBINAR: Virtual Prototyping to Realize Patient Specific Implants and Stents

Date: 20 May, Wednesday

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM SGT

Venue: Online

On the premise and promise of technological advances contemporary to Industry 4.0, patient specific healthcare is of pragmatic interest as a humanitarian preference. Any implant installed into the human body through an invasive or semi-invasive procedure has to be assured of it’s intended functionality and longevity. This applies to different appliances such as stents, pace makers, neurostimulators, orthopedic implants. 

This webinar elaborates on the advantage in deploying simulations to assure structural integrity, fatigue life of these devices. Physiological effects such as the systole, diastole, dynamic motion of the coronary artery would directly impact the fatigue life of a stent or implant. 

Parametric optimization of the braided stent design is a coveted simulation objective subject to compression, bending, torsion and extension loading. Likewise, the walking, sitting, standing and jogging patterns will influence the endurance for a knee joint. A simulation model which sets out to help towards investigating such effects should be comprehensive in accounting for material properties of the patient tissue and the stent/implant. The model should account as well for advanced physical effects such as crimping of the stent which involves very large deformations lead by the self-contact between stent strands. Mechanical vibration and mechanical shock (effective free fall) tests can be simulated to virtually assess and enhance the structural integrity of medical devices such as the pacemakers. 

This webinar shall also discuss the regulatory standard ASME V&V 40 issued by the US FDA to state the compliance to be observed for the insilico / simulation based testing of medical devices. The session shall as well shed insights on such details to bolster the confidence for simulation adoption in medical industry.


  • Advantages in deploying simulations to assure structural integrity, fatigue life of these devices
  • Regulatory standard ASME V&V 40 issued by the US FDA to state the compliance.
  • Simulation adoption in medical industry.

Who Should Attend?

  • Design Engineers
  • R&D Head of the department
  • Project managers
  • Technical Engineers
  • Project Engineers

About Speaker:

Mr. Karthik Chittepu

Technology Specialist

Mr. Karthik completed is Master’s degree from Technical University of Munich and currently serving as a Technology Specialist in CADFEM India. In his 12+ years of industry experience, he worked on various fields including Linear/Non-Linear Static, Linear Dynamics, Failure Material Modeling, Composites. Mr. Karthik have his specialization in implementation of Robust Design Optimization.

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